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A New Way To Promote Your Business "Rack Cards on Wheels"

What is making this work? Your information is handed to customers

We have outstanding award winning tourism boards in Eastern & South Eastern Kentucky that promote our area every day.

We assist them in those efforts

Q. What does your company do?

A. We attened 12 outdoor expos, festivals, wood craft shows, knife & Gun Shows, and high name multi state yard sales in 6 states every year where we have face to face contact with 25,000 to 30,000 people each year. We hand out a "Thank You Bag" with our broshure sending them to this website and your information about what to do, where to dine, where to go, where to shop. You may also provide flyers, brochures, and business cards which we will be happy to place in the bag as well. A picture of the bag and our ad is in our photo gallery. We take a personal interest in your business to assist in getting you  a higher return with your ad so it may drive more users to your site. We offer Spam Free Traffic on all our sites.

Q. Where are some of the shows and events you attend?

A. 12 shows in 6 states, IN KY, TN, VA, plus twice a year our information is handed out in Savannah, GA, Orlando and St. Augustine FL.

 Q. How do I know if you hand out my information?

A. At the end  of each show season, early December, we post new pictures of all the shows we attended in our photo gallery.

Q. What is your pricing range?


We use your website or face book page, build you a logo that points to your information and place that under tabs on our site...$99.00 per year.

We build you a standard multi page website with logo, and place it under tabs on our website...$120.00 per year.

We build you a mulitpage website or use your face book page, build a logo that points to your information, and place it on all 3 promotional websites we have, Local site  Regional Site  and National Site for only $150.00 per year.